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Welcome to Southwest Michigan Harley Owners Group , Kalamazoo Chapter 2277

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Come Ride With Us...





In 2023 Harley-Davidson Motor Company will celebrate 120 years as Americas Oldest Motorcycle Company , Perry Harley-Davidson will celebrate 98 years as Michigan’s Oldest Dealership , Harley Owners Group will celebrate 40 years as the World’s Largest factory sponsored motorcycle group and Southwest Michigan Harley Owners Group will celebrate our 32nd year of riding together.

From the beginning, H.O.G. has been all about Riding Motorcycles and Having Fun. As Willie G. Davidson put it “ We see it as a way to get out on the road, connect with riders and have some fun.”                        

In 2023 SW MI HOG and PHD will focus on Riding Motorcycles & Having Fun. We’re not about meetings, but we do meetup to ride. There’s not a lot of red tape, but there are a lot of white lines and blacktop. If this sounds like your kind of group…Come Ride With Us!

If you want to join us , 2023 Southwest Michigan Harley Owners Group only has a few guidelines:

  • Active membership in US National H.O.G.
  • 2 mileage check-ins at PHD per season for RIDE365
  • Come Ride With Us

That’s It…Come Ride With Us. We only havwe one $20 annual membership fee, there are no boring meetings, and every Harley Owner is welcome to join. We have 4 rides per season that are for members only in addition to a dozen rides where we invite everyone on two wheels to join us. There are PHD VIP HOG Rider Rewards for active members. We have fun with our RIDE365  Annual , Lifetime & Chapter Mileage Recognition programs. You’ll meet the best people and see the best roads that Michigan has to offer.

  • Stop by Perry Harley-Davidson with your motorcycle anytime after 1/1/2022 for your First RIDE365 Mileage Check-In.
  • Follow our Ride & Events online with Facebook , the H-D App , PerryHarley-Davidson.com and watch your email and join our Text Club.

Feel free to Stop By & Say Hi anytime , you’ll find us at Perry H-D in person and you can email us @


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Let’s Ride,

Matt Deckard

General Manager - Perry Harley-Davidson

Chapter Manager - Southwest Michigan Harley Owners Group. 

Please note: you must be a member of the National Harley Owners Group® before joining the local chapter. You can join National H.O.G.® by calling 1-800-CLUBHOG or online at https://www.harley-davidson.com/us/en/owners/hog.html.